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hedgehog sneezing

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My hedgehog Fabio keeps sneezing. I searched it and it said dust can irritate there noses. We do have ****ateils which give off dust from there wings, And we do have gerbils that get dust baths. My hedgehog is in the same room with the other animals, so i think its just from the dust. Im really worried about him, and also when the kittens use the kittylitter they get some of it stuck to there paws and when they walk on his wire cage some of the kittylitter falls into it. We are getting rid of the birds, the gerbils and two of the kittens. For now what can i do to keep the kitty litter away from him and the dust from the gerbils and birds?
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we moved the birds down stairs and vacumed the room he is in. He seems to be doing better. I dont think his nose is running it looks like my sisters hedgies nose. Ill keep watching him, if he seems to be getting sick or his nose seems to run ill try to take him to the vet.
Fabio my hedgie stopped sneezing, im so glad hes ok. :D I was worried.
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