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My poor lil Britney started sneezing a little this morning 🥺

She doesn't have any snot bubbles, she hasn't been licking her nose, and her nose doesn't seem more wet than usual. Her behavior is still the same, too.

I made an appt for this weekend (that's the soonest she can be seen). I want her to be treated before the sneezing evolves into something major. In the meantime, is there anything I can do to help her until she can be treated at the vet? Any remedies?

Also, are there any medications I should be worried about the vet possibly giving her?

I'm hoping she doesn't have a URI :(


The vet says she has some upper respiratory tract infection 😭, but it isn't really bad. He prescribed her Clavamox. 06cc twice a day. The visit cost $165 in total 😪.

Sidenote: she behaved so well 🎉 The doctor and nurses were so impressed and amazed at how friendly and sociable she was lmao. They brought dang near the whole staff to come see how friendly she was lol. She was climbing on them and everything. They complimented me and my partner on how socialized she was 😭

Silver lining to a stressful day 🤣

I have a question though. Does anyone here have any experience with clavamox? It's amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium liquid.
Today is Britney's last day of antibiotics and drumroll....

The sneezing and congestion is gone! 🎉🎉🎉😭

The vet visit was expensive but totally worth it. She's back to her normal, hyperactive, sweet, curious self! 🦔

Sidenote: we cleaned out her entire cage everyday that she was sick to help her respiratory system recover while she was on Clavamox and kept her daily routine and diet the same, for anyone curious. New blankets, wheel cleaned, Yesterday's News litter, and new pee pads everyday for 10 days straight 🥵
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