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So I got my first hedgehog, Biggie Smalls, about a month ago as a rescue from an animal shelter. She is a little over two years old and came with some minor health problems (ie. dry skin with no mites, chipped teeth, slightly over weight).

About a week or two after adopting her, she started to scratch and bite herself. I assumed it was just because her skin was dry so when that cleared up she would stop. She got a few really minor cuts and after consulting the vet, I started treating them with foot baths and peroxide to keep them from getting infected.

Despite my efforts, she started creating more serious wounds, which currently includes a scab the size of a quarter, basically skinning her arm, and a weird long scratch on her stomach that looks like it has a bruise on it.

She has been to the vet 4 times over the past month and is on 4 different medications right now. 2 antibiotics, 1 cleaning wound antiseptic, and 1 pain medication. I also switched her from Aspen to fleece bedding as recommended.

I never physically see her making these wounds, but I see her scratching often. I asked the vet about prevention, and they said theres nothing to do except treat the aftermath.

Does anyone else have experience with this and how to handle or prevent it?
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