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hedgehog scratching

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Hi, i am a new hedge owner. He is 6mth old and was scratching himself quite often. as its a hot climate here thus i am using air condition to cool my room to 28 degrees Celsius.

i am not using any cedar bedding but i am using paper bedding. please kindly how to solve this scratching issue? btw how often can i bath him and using what kind of shampoo?
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I was also going to post a question about this. The bedding that I have is called Critter Care natural odor control for smal animals. It is made of some king of paper. I am just wondering if since I just brought Hedgerton home, if the change in bedding could make him itch. I have had him for four days now and last night he kept scratching.
He is still on what the breeder gave me. A mixture of two cat foods and one hedgehog food. He also recomended a supplement a day. I am not quite sure what not to give him yet. He said fruit but not what kind of fruit. I gave him a little watermellon and he get diarrea (spl?). So no more of that. The bedding doesn't have a smell to it and he doesn't try and eat it or anything so I think there isn't a scent to it. I gave hi a bath yesturday and he didn't scratch that evening . . that I noticed anyway.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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