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hedgehog scratching

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Hi, i am a new hedge owner. He is 6mth old and was scratching himself quite often. as its a hot climate here thus i am using air condition to cool my room to 28 degrees Celsius.

i am not using any cedar bedding but i am using paper bedding. please kindly how to solve this scratching issue? btw how often can i bath him and using what kind of shampoo?
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Hope said:
I was also going to post a question about this. The bedding that I have is called Critter Care natural odor control for smal animals. It is made of some king of paper. I am just wondering if since I just brought Hedgerton home, if the change in bedding could make him itch. I have had him for four days now and last night he kept scratching.
I'm not sure if "odour control" means the bedding has some kind of perfume/scent in it, if so this could be causing a skin irritation. If at all possible I would switch to liners, to see if the itching goes away. Treating with revolution for mites as a preventative may also be a good idea, here's a link: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2628

Or the little one may just be quilling and have dry skin. Try bathing in aveeno oatmeal wash, either the unscented baby version or the regular. With quillers, you can bath as frequently as every 6 days. Also try getting some flax seed oil capsules (not the oil as it spoils easily) and breaking one open and using it in your last rinse of the bath. They can also be used on the hedgehog when dry and broken over the food (but no more than one capsule per week kinda thing).

What kind of food is your hedgie on? A high quality food promotes good skin and overall health.
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