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Hedgehog Responsiblity Question

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I am wanting to get a hedgehog sometime this summer but my mom is worried about it being too much of a distraction from my studies since I'm still in college. I have researched hedgehogs for about a year now and I was just wondering how much time is needed daily in caring for a hedgehog? I am trying to convince my mom that it won't be that difficult to balance school and hedgehog ownership and thought it would be a good idea to ask experienced owners their opinions. Please give me your input on the situation. ^_^
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I am also in college (Grad School! woohoo! sleep? whats sleep? XD) and he doesn't "distract" me from my studies. I usually let him out for about an hour or two depending on his mood. I put him in a tshirt and let him snuggle in my lap while I study and feed him some treats. after an hour or two he goes back in the cage to eat his cat food and run in his wheel.

Compared to a lot of other animals they really dont need that much attention. You should make time for it to be out with you every day but you can find other things to do during that time like study, read or watch tv.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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