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Hedgehog Responsiblity Question

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I am wanting to get a hedgehog sometime this summer but my mom is worried about it being too much of a distraction from my studies since I'm still in college. I have researched hedgehogs for about a year now and I was just wondering how much time is needed daily in caring for a hedgehog? I am trying to convince my mom that it won't be that difficult to balance school and hedgehog ownership and thought it would be a good idea to ask experienced owners their opinions. Please give me your input on the situation. ^_^
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I'm in University in Toronto. I'm living in a high rise apartment with my boyfriend. We just got a hedgehog two weeks ago (Quigley).

The decision took a long time because we had to decide how he would fit into every aspect of our lives.

We also have two budgies and a pet mouse so we had to make sure we'd still have time for them and that he wouldn't be able to hurt them ever.

We had to consider travel. We go visit our parents at least one or two weekends a month and we had to make sure that we'd be able to bring him with us. The intercity buses do not allow pets so we will have to get a ride with my dad if we're bringing him with us.

We had to make sure we'd be able to afford the start up cost (we are both working part time to pay for school). What we did was get him over the winter holidays and put the money we got as gifts towards him. This was best for us because we both had some time off work and school to get used to him and we did it after Christmas so that all the craziness was over.

Overall it's worked out really for us doing it this way. The summer sounds like a good time as well because you won't have school to worry about.

Good Luck!

one more piece of advice. If you can, you should find a socialized hedgehog that someone cannot keep anymore or one from a rescue organization. If someone is giving one away they usually give away the cage and supplies with it. That way it lessons the start up cost. If they are not giving it away they are probably selling it all cheaper than you could get the cage supplies new. Just make sure that the cage and everything is in good shape.
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