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I just wanted to know if the International Hedgehog Registry is alive or dead? I have sent some questions to them a while back and never received an answer. I am scared to send any money to register my hedgies. If they cannot answer questions, how will I know I will actually get registration slips?

I had also sent an email to Hedgehog Central to get a breeder listing on the home page. Not sure what I didn't do right but no answer and I'm talking weeks and weeks ago. I also pmed some on here and same thing --- no answer.

So is there a trick to getting answered? Or is everyone too busy to answer? Or do they just not answer?

How do you know you will get what you pay for if you send money if no one will even answer a question?

Frustrated, I guess.
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Send an e-mail to Bryan for the Breeder listing.
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