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Hedgehog Precision

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I see this food listed as the only good one made for hedgehogs, but I’ve also heard that dried insects are bad for hedgehogs too. But this food has BSFL in it, so wouldn’t that make it poorer quality?
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No because the BSFL in Hedgehog Precision is just the base of their kibble, not the entirety of its formula. Other hedgehog-specific kibble from other brands is usually based with all kinds of different filler and very little, if any, insects (which isn't the best because hedgehogs are insectivores). There are some new hedgehog kibble brands though that I've seen, like Prickled Rose Hedgehog food, that are basing their kibble with insects too.

It's still fine to use cat kibble (as long as it's meat based and doesn't have too much protein) in conjunction with Hedgehog Precision. The owners of the Facebook group called Hedgehog 101 recommends feeding cat kibble mixed with Hedgehog Precision. They're pretty reliable in that Facebook group, but what you feed is ultimately up to you 😁. At the end of the day, it's all about balance.

(I personally don't feed my hedgehog dry kibble anymore because so many of them have way too much protein which can cause kidney problems . Just live insects, wet pate cat food mixed with blended up whole prey and a small amount of Hedgehog Precision kibble mixed in (to keep the kibbles moist)).
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