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Hello. I am a new hedgehog owner and I feel like I freak out about any sudden change. I have not had a hedgehog before but have been doing my research and making changes to my care.
His name is Pete and I think he’s 3-4 months old - I don’t know his exact age. I have noticed that his poop has been mucusy lately. It’s changed from watery to more mucusy - normal in colour - there’s no green tinge to it. He hasn’t had a change in appetite and has been drinking his water from his water bowl.
I have been switching him over from hedgehog food to cat food, as I heard it is better for them. Could the cat food be the reason for his mucus-like poop? Should I stop using the cat food and keep him on the hedgehog food? Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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