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Hedgehog personality question

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She cant be still basically she will only sit still if 1: shes in a dark place during the day (trying to sleep) 2: something feels nice such as me pouring water on her back during a bath

she cant sit in her sleeping bag until there is a sock she can arrange in there to make it dark

does anyone know what i should do to get her to calm down?
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I think you kinda answered your own question; if she likes dark places to settle down, then keeping her in a dark place is what she needs to calm her down. If she relaxes in a snuggle sack when she has a sock she can burrow herself into to make it dark for herself, then offer this to her so she can relax during bonding time.
Hedgehogs are nocturnal; they don’t like being woken up and being kept in bright lights when they want to sleep - and hey, who would?
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