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Hedgehog on Oprah (only briefly, though)

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I had taped today's Oprah because it was on animals and how they touch our lives. Right at the end, they had a bunch of people come out with their pets and talked to a few of them. Right as they were ending the show, they showed someone holding an African Pygmy. :D I'm still kind of disappointed they didn't talk to the hedgie's owner, could've given them some more publicity, hehe.
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yea i saw that too!!!!!! it was sooo cute!!!! i only watch shows when they have animal specials!!! i saw the preview, and watched it, most ppl prob thot it was a porcupine lol :D soooo cute!!! made it worth it lol :lol:
if that doesnt tell ya they havent seen this site, plus they would have posted about it, (maybe) :?
some peoples stupidity annoys me, you should have to take a test and get a liscence to own an animal, we do it for cars, and teens still get into wrecks, looks like (most- all)decent hedgie owners are here lol ;)
yea, its sad, how stupid, and incosiderate people can be,ugh!!! it makes me sick!!! at least we have reputable breeders we can buy from who know wat theyre doing :D
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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