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~~hedgehog lying on her side. looks funny~~

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Hello HedgehogCentral,

So my hedgehog has been lying on her side recently, and isn't as responsive as before and is not acting normally. Could it be the change in weather? or any common reasons why this may be happening? she is about 6 months old.

thank you

please right click and view image. it's cropping my picture oddly on the forum
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That is a strange way to sleep.

My first hedgehog did something similar when I tried to switch him to a water bottle. He got dehydrated because he wouldn't use it and ended up sprawled out beside the door to the igloo. When I put his bowl back he was fine. I have since learned that bowls are better for them anyway.

Also her food looks sort of hard to get to. Is that where it is normally placed? How does she get on top of the igloo? Hedgehogs are not normally encouraged to climb because falling can cause serious injuries.

Finally if she did swallow some Styrofoam that could be causing a blockage and she would need to go to the vet.

My advice is that if you don't think this strange behaviour is caused by, dehydration, hunger, or temperature then go to the vet right away. If it could be one or all of the above then I would make the food more accessible, switch to a water bowl, and try to change the temperature in the cage so it is 75º (if possible to cool it down). If you do that and don't see changes in a day then I would take her to the vet.
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