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Hi all, I wanted to create a post in memory of our beloved Hedgies and to help those that find themselves in the place we were.
Our Hedgies was almost 3, happy and healthy as could be. Suddenly she became lethargic, not eating or drinking, and was dragging her back legs. We desperately called all of the exotic vets in our area trying to get her in.
In the meantime we began feeding her baby food (chicken and turkey), as well as Pedialyte to drink by syringe. She continued to deteriorate in the next day and a half before the first available vet visit. She was eating, drinking, and moving less to the point that she would soil herself, and began whimpering/squeeling every so often, it was heartbreaking...
The vet concluded the most likely cause was cancer which apparently can cause this type of rapid deterioration in hedgehogs. She recommended euthanasia for our poor sweet girl. As an ER nurse I requested that we give her pain meds and hydrate her which was done by giving fluids under her skin by the vet. We got oral pain meds and brought her home to spend as much time as possible together.
Hedgies would grudgingly drink a small amount of Pedialyte and her pain meds over the next day and a half before passing away in her cozy pouch surrounded by her favorite toys. We hope she's in hedgehog heaven playing with her favorite ball and eating all of the worms her little heart desires! RIP Hedgies, we love you and will always miss you!
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