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Hedgehog is scratching till blood draws

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My year old male hedgehog has been scratching himself until he draws blood. I'm unsure if this is mites, an infection, or anything of the sorts. I can't go to the vet due to the local vet having no experience in hedgehogs.

There has been no loss of quills but some loss of fur in the specific area where he is scratching. He has also been hyper active and has no defence mechanisms (he won't hide himself even if my hand is in the cage)

Is this mites? And if it most likely is, what would be the safest relief for him? Thank you.
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You need an "Exotic vet" for hedgehogs normal vets have zero experience with hedgehogs and it is almost certainly mites.
I don't have any in my state. But I did give him a bath and throroughly cleaned his cage and the wound eventually went away. Hopefully it won't come back but hes okay at the moment. Thank you for commenting.
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