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hedgehog is kind of red on his underbelly

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my hedgehog seems to be scratching a lot and doesn't have much fur on his underbelly and it all seems to be kind of pink and redish. behind his ears is kind of flaky, with a few red blotches (i assume to be scabs).
I have been checking him for mites daily but i don't ever see anything moving on him or anything. I got scared when i saw the red blotches, but when i touch them it doesn't move so i assume they are scabs from him scratching and stuff. so i have just bathed him in flax seed oil (about 3 drops in the water) and i hope this helps him out. I really hate to see him in so much pain :(

Is it normal for his underbelly to not have much fur? he seems to not have much fur around his ears either.. i don't know if that is normal, but where the scabs are right underneath his ears there is no hair at all.

any help on this will help me and my little hedgie ^.^ Thank you in advance.
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i use this bedding that is like paper called care fresh. however on the packaging it says it is hypoallergenic,so i didn't think that it could create a rash or anything of that sort. i pretty much feed him the same thing that his previous owner has instructed me to feed him, but i can slowly rule things out one by one to see if it may be a cause. I just use water and flax seed oil to bathe him, and i only do this once every week and a half or so.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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