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Hedgehog doesn’t like and veggies, fruits, or roaches, is it normal??

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So my hedgehog doesn’t like and veggies fruits or dubia roaches. I’ve tried anything I could get including peppers, bananas, strawberries, apple, grape, lettuce, spinach, raspberries, and more, and he didn’t like them. Nor will he eat dubia roaches, even though he can easily gobble them up, so it’s not that they’re too big. The only thing he likes to eat is his kibble and mealworms, and no dried bugs either. Is it normal and is he just extremely picky, or is it something else??
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This is very normal in hedgehogs! Hedgehogs are picky about their food just like some humans I wouldn’t worry too much unless the diet is worrying you since it’s unhealthy.
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