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Hedgehog changed color yet again. Help?

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Hi all. I have a 7 month old hedgehog, which I think some of you will remember.
He changed color for the 4th time now.

He used to be this guy when I adopted him at 5 months old:

Then after a month he turned into this color:

And now, after quilling on his 7th month, he is now this:

Here's another picture of him right now:

Can anyone help me with the color?
I never realized hedgehogs could change color after their 9 week old quilling.
Thanks in advance! :)
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How old is the little cutie?
We can't be sure of adult colouring until 9 weeks (like you said) but I'm sure we can guess, and if it changes, guess again!

I would think Algerian Apricot or Champagne, but I could be wrong.
I agree, they're gorgeous. :D
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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