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Hedgehog carsickness - does anyone know any remedies?

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It's finally happening! This May we will be moving to our dream city, Vancouver, BC. However it's a 2 day drive and I am worried Priscilla will get car sick. If she does, I want to have something on hand to help.

Does anyone know of any anti-sickness aids for hedgehogs or remedies in case she DOES get sick? My only thought was buying a kid's electrolyte drink and bringing a syringe in case she gets sick from either end, to help her out. But I'm far from an expert so I'd welcome advice.

I'd also like to note I read the other thread about hedgie carsickness but it didn't come to a conclusion.
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basmati said:
Is a small piece of gravol an option for a very carsick traveller?
Drugs.com says that's an antihistamine... Are you thinking of that because it might make her drowsy?

I wouldn't use any human drugs on my animal unless specifically advised to do so by a knowledgeable vet...

I've heard ginger is good for car sickness as well - though I don't know if anyone knows if it's really, really ok for hedgies... (There was a thread about it here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1341&p=10999&hilit=ginger#p10999)

While we're on the subject though, I wanted to ask about b-calm... Not that I have any use for it myself or was even thinking about buying it, but I always like to educate myself on these sorts of things...

https://www.brisky.com/8/index.php?_fa= ... 1351&cid=0

Soooo... What's the deal with that stuff? All the brisky products freak me out a little, like apple-scented "spine shine" stuff? What the ****? :roll: ...I guess my real question though is, um, what is in this stuff?
Ohhhh, page 11 in the The Hedgehog Welfare Society's Mar '06 Newsletter has an article about carsickness where they actually do list ginger as a remedy...

http://www.users.nac.net/hedgehogwelfar ... ter_21.pdf

1) Ginger
2) Bach's Rescue Remedy
3) Pepto-Bismol (just a drop or two is recommended)
4) Fasting for a few hours before the car trip
5) Smooth driving behaviors (don't speed up or make turns too quickly)
6) On long trips, let your hedgehog out to stretch his/her legs at rest stops.
7) Try different types of carriers.
8) Try different positions in the car: front seat, back seat, floor-whatever works best
for your hedgehog.
9)MOST IMPORTANTLY, if your hedgehog does vomit during a trip, as soon as he/
she is feeling better, make sure to give plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
M_Canadian said:
Gravol is the Canadian version of Dramamine its for motion Sickness.

I have used it on my dogs but dong think I would use it on a hedgie

I would try the ginger.
Ahhh, yeah, I don't think I'd give dramamine to a hedgie... even in small quantities. I remember when I was little (40-50 lbs?) my mom would only give me a quarter of a dramamine when we drove up into the mountains... I can't imagine any way you'd be able to measure out a small enough, safe dose for a hedgie... and then it might not even be safe for them to take anyway.
Good luck with your road trip! I hope your little girl is ok!

We drove 8+ hours with ours the day after we got her, poor thing was a bit stressed out - but at least she didn't get sick-sick. I probably would have freaked out and made my bf find us a hotel for the night if she had vomited though. (Where I then would have proceeded to scour the internet/call a vet/etc. before continuing on the next day. :lol:)

So, yeah, it's definitely good to be prepared!

Has she been known to get really carsick? From the "crazy carnival ride" bit I'm assuming maybe so? I was going to suggest maybe driving around a little with her first to see how she reacts... maybe see if the ginger or something helps with a shorter (30 min-hour) trip?
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