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Hedgehog carsickness - does anyone know any remedies?

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It's finally happening! This May we will be moving to our dream city, Vancouver, BC. However it's a 2 day drive and I am worried Priscilla will get car sick. If she does, I want to have something on hand to help.

Does anyone know of any anti-sickness aids for hedgehogs or remedies in case she DOES get sick? My only thought was buying a kid's electrolyte drink and bringing a syringe in case she gets sick from either end, to help her out. But I'm far from an expert so I'd welcome advice.

I'd also like to note I read the other thread about hedgie carsickness but it didn't come to a conclusion.
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how much of the rescue remedy are you surpose to give a hedgie for car sickness?
and whats better pepto-bismol of recue remedy? and can you give both if one doseint work?
just wondering in case i ever need it.
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