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Heating with a loft

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I'm sorry if this has been covered before, however I'm not sure what to do about heating my hedgie's cage, because of the complication of a loft.

I went to PetSmart today and grabbed a 10" Clamp Lamp and a 100 Watt Ceramic heat emitter, but then I realized.... where would I put it? I put it all back and will order online or go back tomorrow.
Traditionally you put the emitters on top of the cage, but since I have a loft, I'm afraid it will be too close. I can clip it onto my windowsill and have it slightly further away, but then I'm afraid downstairs (where he sleeps) it will be too cold.

Does anyone have any suggestions for properly heating a lofted cage? Here's an old picture, it's 32" x 20". The loft is about 4" from the top of the cage.


Thanks guys.. again, sorry if it's been covered before, I just flew back home today so I'm exhausted but I wanted to get this taken care of. :)


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Using a space heater looks like it would work well with this cage. That way it won't get too hot but you won't have to worry about the bottom not being as warm as the top, it would heat pretty evenly. The one that I use shuts off if its tipped over and doesn't get hot to the touch so if something were to drop on it, it wouldn't start a fire. I got this kind so it would be safe to leave on if I leave the house.

On a side note I really love your hedgies cage set up and the bedding is very cute and well coordinated :)
I got mine from Walmart, the brandname is Honeywell and its an energysmart. It has a frost watch, 65-80 degree in 5 degree incriments and a high setting and an oscillate function. Its pretty compact at about 12-14 inches high and about 9 or 10 inches across.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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