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Sorry for the unoriginal subject!

Due to the lack of resources and goodies available to us here in South Africa, I am going to be making my own cage - when I say 'I' I really mean my boyfriends' cousin haha. :lol:

He is super handy and practical and has suggested perspex as it is hardy and will not melt. I was just wondering if this ( http://www.reptilecity.co.za/catalog/in ... Path=27_55 ) would be a good way of heating his mansion? 'This' being the ceramic heat emitter? Also which wattage would you use - the 60w or the 100w? And how far away from the cage would it have to be in order to be a decent temperature? I would be 'plugging' it into a desk lamp thing - one of those that you can clip onto something, would this be

With regards to the perspex, I don't want people thinking it will be like an aquarium as I know they are not sufficient enough when it comes to ventilation. I have designed it in such a way that it will be more airy and light.

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You need to use a fixture that is rated for a heat emitter. A standard light fixture is not adequate and could melt and be a fire hazard. Something like http://www.reptilecity.co.za/catalog/pr ... cts_id=420 is what you need.

Emitters also need a thermostat to control the temperature or it can get too warm.

Wattage of the emitter will depend on what size the cage is. :)
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