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Heating pads-Brands and Types

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I am the new owner of an 11 month old hedgie, she's a sweet and incredibly cuddly little girl named Stella. Stella gave me a horrible hibernation scare a few days ago- since then I have been searching for heating alternatives. We have a plastic bottom cage for her.

I have a basic human heating pad, and one for reptiles (I bought today).
The human pad turns off after an hour which causes a problem, seeing as Stella needs steady heat. The pad gives off an average temp of 75 when on medium heat. She seems to be fairly content with this... but it's annoying to have to keep turning it on.

I bought a reptile pad today which was all Petsmart carried- I was reluctant but got it anyway, and we're checking it out now. It stays on all night and keeps her warm, but I'm worried it could be too hot. Is this a bad idea? The package doesn't say the temp.

Does anyone have better ideas on heating, we live in Fl so usually we don't need a light or a pad- only for when the weather dips below 75...

I'm looking for ANY advice. :)
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Here's a post I wrote yesterday.
Its got everything you would need for CHE,
if that ends up being what you use.
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