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Heating for a cage

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So as Spring and soon Summer approaches, my room is naturally going to get warmer, and it is already blazing hot trying to keep the air temperature high enough for Hector. I get affected by heat easily so maintaining it to be in the mid-seventies makes me sweat bullets at night.

I have this cage: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.j ... Id=2753290

I was wondering how to go about setting up for heat emitters for him that wouldn't be ones that heat up my entire room. I need to know how many of the heat lights, how to control the heat (do I just monitor the little thermometer that is right next to his cage, or do I get a controlling device), ect.

I want to keep the heat in his little area, but cool it down in mine. I don't want to move him to another room, because there isn't one that will contain the heat as well as mine, and because I can't fall asleep until I've heard him out and about eating or playing on his wheel, it's my mother's instincts.

So, please, all ideas and suggestions are welcome.
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Oh, this is wonderful! I had the exact same question.

I don't have my hedgie yet; I'm on a local breeder's waiting list and should have my hedgie in August, soon after I move out of the dorms and into an apartment with a friend. I will be getting that same kind of cage from the breeder, and because CO often gets very cold and snowy in the winter, I wanted to know the best way to heat the hedgie without overheating me! And also so that I could be energy efficient, and not have skyrocketing heating bills.

I've spent all evening looking at this forum, gathering information and I had about come to the conclusion that a ceramic heater would be the best option, but it is *so* reassuring to hear Nancy recommend the same for someone whose situation will be much the same as mine.

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