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Heating for a cage

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So as Spring and soon Summer approaches, my room is naturally going to get warmer, and it is already blazing hot trying to keep the air temperature high enough for Hector. I get affected by heat easily so maintaining it to be in the mid-seventies makes me sweat bullets at night.

I have this cage: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.j ... Id=2753290

I was wondering how to go about setting up for heat emitters for him that wouldn't be ones that heat up my entire room. I need to know how many of the heat lights, how to control the heat (do I just monitor the little thermometer that is right next to his cage, or do I get a controlling device), ect.

I want to keep the heat in his little area, but cool it down in mine. I don't want to move him to another room, because there isn't one that will contain the heat as well as mine, and because I can't fall asleep until I've heard him out and about eating or playing on his wheel, it's my mother's instincts.

So, please, all ideas and suggestions are welcome.
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A heat emitter should work fine. I use them for my rescues and rehomes on that size of cage. I have the back of the cage closed in with heavy clear plastic. It holds the heat in and you might find at times you have to close in an end as well. The clear plastic works great and is just about invisible. It comes on a big roll and you buy it by the yard. Walmart or fabric stores sells it. I use binder clips to attach it.

You must use a thermostat with the emitter. I use the ReptiTemp500R but there are other brands that work well too. Make sure you get the ones that have the probe that goes down to floor level and reads the temperature from there. These ones turn the emitter off and on as needed which is what you want especially when days get to be hot and nights are still cool.

I find an emitter to be a great option for those with one hedgehog. They are inexpensive to operate and don't heat the room up which is a huge plus for us. :)
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I would try a 100 watt and see how well it works. Ideally, if you use the ReptiTemp500R the dial should have some adjustment left to either raise or lower it. When I use a 150, I cannot turn it low enough to keep the cage from being too hot. I have 3 thermostat controllers and they all read the same so it isn't a fault with the controller.
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