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heating cage...

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Hi guys :D , i have a ceramic heater( ithink thats wut its called) in my room cuz thats where my hedgie is and the room is usually at about 75 degrees and for Christmas, since Pinchita is part of the family i am ordering a few things online 4 her and the human heating mat. The reason i rlly have been wanting the heating mat type thing is so that i can lower the temperature just a bit so that i can b a bit more comfortable yet she still stays cozy and warm. and when i mean drop the air down i just mean maybe a couple degrees.
I have a plastic storage bin cage its quite big and i know ur supposed to only heat part of the cage so if they get to warm they move.
does any1 use 1 of those human heating mats under this kind of cage/bin? If so, how is it does it heat pretty well?
Iknow its not gonna heat much off the grounmd but i was wondering if it does heat a bit off the ground. or does it just heat the ground???
thnx in advance! :)
Oh andp.s could u tell tell me a bit how it is compared to other heaters? and ur opinion on it is..
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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