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Health concerns - Yes or no?

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Hello everyone! I am getting my first hedgie on saturday!!!!! I am so excited. I have chosen an albino because I just fell in love with them and they have, in my eyes, become the cutest color hedgies. I have seen posted several places, *not here*, that albino hedgies normally have health issues because of the albinism or that it is easier for them to become ill because of their lack of pigmentation. Is this true? Do I have anything to worry about? New hedgie owner paranoia?
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Nope, nothing different for albinos. It's just a colour. Some may be more light sensitive but I've found that really depends on the hedgehog as some dark eyed ones are really light sensitive.

In some species, albinos are less healthy than standard colours but that doesn't hold true for hedgehogs. I too love albinos. I find those red eyes are like windows to their soul. :D
fluteman88 said:
I just love them soooo much!!!!! Thanks everyone for clearing this up. BTW, ...... Nancy, How are you? Is everything going ok? I heard about your health condition. I am sending prayers and love to you and your family!!! :)
Thanks for asking. Yes, I'm doing okay. Tired but not vomiting or nauseous thank goodness.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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