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I have a hedgie named Harley. I rescued him from a family with his sister, Chie, but she passed away from aggressive tumors in her belly. It was tragic but I did what I could after I got her.

I have 2 hedgies in my house after Chie's passing (My first hedgie, Delilah and Harley.) and I can't keep up with both due to College starting and I'll be moving soon. So I'm looking to re-home Harley.
He's about 2, cinnamon colored, and is in great health. He eats Blue Buffalo Indoor Health, drinks his water normally, runs on his quiet wheel, and sleeps in a little fleece blanket and wicker hut. He LOVES running in his little runabout ball. He just loves running in general. (He rocks that wheel like his life depends on it and it's so fun to watch!) He's a sweetie but he's a little standoffish at first. He hisses and pops when you go to pick him up, but as you handle him, he unrolls and acts like a normal hedgie. He's a hedgie for a more experienced handler. He probably needs to be handled every day.

If you're interested, please let me know. I'm looking for a small re-homing fee, but he comes with his cage, wheel, runabout ball, dishes, and food. I'm in Texas, the Amarillo area, I'm willing to do some driving. (Maybe to meet halfway if it's a long distance.)
Please email me with inquiries or questions at:
[email protected]
[email protected] (If you don't get a reply withing 24 hours try this one!)
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