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Luis has been through a tough few weeks, and I decided to post a thread to show everyone out there that it his situation isn't hopeless!

It all started about a month ago. After a crazy day, I came home with hopes to cuddle my hedgehog. I picked him up and was stunned to find a large red welt on Luis' chin. It looked like a cut that was trying to scab over. I was immediately concerned. I came on the forum and immediately started looking for answers, and decided to sleep on it and call the vet if it didn't look better by morning. The next morning, I had a family health crisis and had to leave for a week, leaving Luis to be cared for by the neighbours. I totally forgot about the chin welt until I arrived in Atlanta. Although I was very concerned, I had other things to think about and hoped that it would all be sorted out when I returned back home.

Upon arrival at home a week later, I saw that the welt was no longer a welt at all, but a growth of some kind. It was have an inch in length and must have been growing rapidly. He was still running on his wheel and eating, but I knew that it was a big problem and tried to call the vet the next morning.

Just to top off the terrible luck, it was now December 22nd and my go-to vet was closed for Christmas. I googled her cell and she said that judging by his behaviour and appetite, he would be fine until after Christmas, and that I would have an appointment on January 2nd, the first day that they would be back in business. I thought briefly that I should try to get him in elsewhere, but pushed the idea aside.Although I was concerned for little Luis, I figured that her logic made sense and kept watching his appetite.

By the 31st he had lost some weight, stopped running, and was drinking and eating half of what he had before the growth. The welt itself was the size of a large marble, and was clearly causing him a lot of discomfort. Whenever I picked him up he let out a little squeak, which made me feel so bad for him. I was exceptionally frustrated for not listening to my gut and getting him to a different vet in between Christmas and New Years. Now nothing was open. I tried to feed him my cat's food (which was higher in protein to make up for his lack of appetite), but he showed no interest at all. Basically I had to wait another two days just hoping that he didn't get any worse.

On January 2nd Luis' lump was successfully removed. My vet determined that it was a sarcoma, and that it would have rapidly kept growing until his discomfort would have been incredibly severe. I found out a week later that they got all of it, and hope that it does not return. His recovery is currently still underway, but things are looking up. After two weeks of no running, he now is doing so again. His appetite is back (although I have to feed him chopped up food), he is gaining weight again, and seems back to normal already.

Sorry that got so long, I figured that the owners out there with a struggling Hedgie would want to hear my little story of success!
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