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Handling Hedgums

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Hi all. I searched for this with no luck so any advice could help.

I understand that dropping hedgies or them falling can result to very serious injuries. Mt question is concerning handling them and how tight is too tight. I try to use my judgment and common sense but in situations such as clipping toenails and putting Vaseline on his ears I sometimes get spooked that I could hurt him. He doesn't cry or scream when I am handling him during these tough situations but I also know that when hedgies fall and hurt themselves internally they will often continue on as business as usual. My concern is mainly that i need to get his hygenic care done but I do not want to hurt him in the process.

What are your experiences or comments? How fragile are hedgies?

Thank you.
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It depends on ur hedgehog, usually if they start squealing its too tight, I usually leave toe nail clipping to my vet. I usually let him rest in my hand like he is kind of rolled up, then gently wrap my fingers around him so he doesn't fall, since he loves his morning belly rubs. He even starts growling if he doesn't get them its so funny.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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