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Handling Hedgums

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Hi all. I searched for this with no luck so any advice could help.

I understand that dropping hedgies or them falling can result to very serious injuries. Mt question is concerning handling them and how tight is too tight. I try to use my judgment and common sense but in situations such as clipping toenails and putting Vaseline on his ears I sometimes get spooked that I could hurt him. He doesn't cry or scream when I am handling him during these tough situations but I also know that when hedgies fall and hurt themselves internally they will often continue on as business as usual. My concern is mainly that i need to get his hygenic care done but I do not want to hurt him in the process.

What are your experiences or comments? How fragile are hedgies?

Thank you.
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I have a similar issue when clipping toe nails. Sometimes Quigley gets so upset by it that he tries to wrench his foot loose. When this happens I just let go so that he doesn't get hurt. I think it's like handling human babies (or tantruming toddlers). It's hard to know for sure but practice makes it easier.

The funny thing with Quigley is that I can play with his feet, hold them and whatever (to the point where I can pick poop out from under his nails and between his toes) but as soon as he sees those clippers he freaks out. Usually it's a two person job to cut his nails and even then we may only get a couple.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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