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Handling Hedgums

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Hi all. I searched for this with no luck so any advice could help.

I understand that dropping hedgies or them falling can result to very serious injuries. Mt question is concerning handling them and how tight is too tight. I try to use my judgment and common sense but in situations such as clipping toenails and putting Vaseline on his ears I sometimes get spooked that I could hurt him. He doesn't cry or scream when I am handling him during these tough situations but I also know that when hedgies fall and hurt themselves internally they will often continue on as business as usual. My concern is mainly that i need to get his hygenic care done but I do not want to hurt him in the process.

What are your experiences or comments? How fragile are hedgies?

Thank you.
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If they are struggling, panicking, squealing, letting out "stress poos", then they are not happy with the way they are being held. I would just say just see how he's acting. If he seems uncomfortable or restrained, loosen up a little bit. Having a blanket on your lap to run around on helps.

As for actually breaking something, I would just avoid anything that would cause harm. I honestly won't go into comparing hedgie bones to other breakable objects. Grabbing a foot and holding on while hedgie tries to flee won't hurt him if you make sure not to twist or bend anything the wrong way.

Sorry, I hope that makes sense, haven't come across that question before. ;)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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