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hamster balls...good or bad?

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Hey guys, if I were to get a large hamster ball, would it be safe to let a hedgie roll around in one? And if so, would it still be dangerous to have a hedgie in the ball around a dog? :D
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Wish I had searched for this article before I bought a ball. I purchased two of them and both of my hedgies panicked. I felt so bad! One panicked immediately and pottied and the other froze in a half-ball, refused to move. I waited with him (Whyte) to see if he just needed to warm up to the idea but his body-language was very stressed so I took them both out of their balls. Could have saved myself and them the stress and money, oops! Then I thought maybe they just needed a larger clear ball but after reading these posts I wont bother. Thanks.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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