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Our little Sweet Pea has been a little irritable lately with us and losing a lot of quills so we thought she may have started quilling. We still take her out every day, but she hasn't been thrilled with us.

So we were a little concerned about our Halloween Party last night for our 12 year old and his friends. We didn't want to disrupt her too much with the noise and excitement. The kids were all dying to see her, but we kept them at bay until the very end of the evening. Much to my surprise when I took her out and held her out for all the kids to see she was Ms. Personality. She didn't hiss or puff up even once. She looked them all over and stretched out so they could see how big she was. We showed them the proper way to pet her and each one took a turn. It was too funny. She seemed to enjoy the extra attention and of course every one of them wanted one. Maybe she was too friendly :). We couldn't believe it. My sons were so proud of her showing off and being so cute.

The love of hedgies grows.
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