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Goodbye beautiful Abby

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Abigail 2004,11,20 - 2009,03,10

My beautiful Abby. My girl who loved to chew on my clothes and annoint. I was supposed to be ready for her because she would just throw herself back to annoint trusting me to make sure she didn't roll off. She never did but the first few times she did it, she caught me by surprise.

Abby was a wonderful mom of numerous babies. Her first baby was born during a severe thunderstorm and I was amazed the baby survived. That proved how good a mom Abby would be.

Abby developed a swollen jaw and had a tooth removed about a month ago. We hoped that would be the end of it and there wasn't a jaw tumour underneath. Sadly there was. Abby's jaw continued to swell.

The hedgie room will be very empty tonight with both Abby and Muffin gone. Two sweet girls who I'm sure walked paw in paw across the bridge.

Love you Abby and Muff

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awwwww she was sooo cute!!!!!!! they had a great owner nancy!!!!!!!! :) * proof* abby is smiling in every pic :) !!!!!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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