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Dear all, White y has unfortunately passed on today. White y was diagnosed with SCC oral cancer. She started with an ear infection, got few teeth removed, got a tumour surgery and lastly was unable to breathe and was wheezing due to the cancer spreading to her nasal. She fought on for 2 weeks, was hospitalised for 4d3n, in hopes of recovery. She unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge when i arrived at the hospital today, in my arms. My dearest baby was holding on, till her last breath, awaiting my arrival. White y has been a lovely 4 year old hedgehog, she was well loved by everyone with her beady eyes and active self, White y was a plump little baby. She sadly lost almost 250g due to cancer. White y was buried with her new fluffy house, as her stomach has turned green after her death. Thank you all for allowing me to gajn different ways to help White y through different forums. And especially dearest Kalandra, for constantly checking on White y. White y is blessed and extremely well loved.
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