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going through labor ????

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Okay i posted before about how my hedgehogs breeded because i thought both were boys and it turned out one was a girl.Well, that was about 35 days ago and everyone on here told me to get prepared as if she was pregnant so i have been feeding her extra and i made her a nesting box out with bedding and some blankets.I was starting to think she wasn't pregnant because she hadn't had any babies and she was acting normal like letting me pick her up and all that,though, she was eating more and gained a little bit of weight (not too much weight gained).This afternoon, my boyfriend was cleaning out her cage and some of her bedding had spots of blood so he told me and i checked her cage and no babies.But i picked her up and her genitals were leaking out a clear fluid.We cleaned up her cage one last time just so if she is having babies we won't have to ever reclean it until it's allowed.I put her in her play pen and as she was walking around,more of the liquid was coming out so i'm thinking she might be going into labor ? we put her back about an hour ago and she's still just sleeping,no babies.Basically i just wanna know if thats the steps or is this what happens when hedgehogs are going to have babies.If not,whats wrong with her ? There was no blood on her genitals,just on the bedding so i don't even know where it came from.I'm assuming thats where it did come from since liquids are coming out now.somebody that knows about this please respond.Thanks so much.
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Just give her space. Don't bother her. Sometimes it takes awhile to have the first litter. Just like in humans. Take the wheel out.
okay.i left her alone all day.still no babies..just waiting for the squeaks of the babies haha but in your opinion do you think she is in labor or is it something else ? she is eating fine and drinking LOTs of water..like half the bottle already.let me know please !!! i really need it and everybody just keeps looking at my post but no replies

If she is still eating and drinking, she is not in labor. They will usually go off food the day before birth.

There are very few breeders on the HHC forums, so you won't get many replies.
okay thank you.so what do you think the blood was from ?
The blood could be from her miscarrying or delivering the babies, then eating them. If she was not pregnant, a UTI or bladder infection.
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