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Going outside?

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Hello, everyone!

I am a new hedgie owner and while it is still too cold in NY (50 degrees today), I am hoping for warm weather soon and think my Tina would love to go outside! She is very explorative.

Do you all take your hedgies outside? What are your best tips and tricks for doing so? What things do I need to be cautious of/excited about? What do your hedgies like?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!!! :grin:
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Dandelions are not toxic to hedgehogs, or any other animal that I know of. I wouldn't bathe a hedgehog every time it goes out unless it got very dirty outside. It's unlikely they will contract a parasite just from being outside unless they are eating wild bugs, which they shouldn't be allowed to eat.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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