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I'm a Flying Saucer Wheel skeptic. However, if I have to choose between no-wheeling and a FSW, I choose the latter. I would leave the FSW in the cage as I believe wheeling/running is essential to the well being of a hedgehog.

This is one of the things that your choice depends on the hedgie. I've learned each hedgehog has such a strong individuality and what's generally accepted as good or safe doesn't apply well to your hedgehog. For instance, you can try giving nothing but the very best cat foods or treats, but if your hedgie refuses to eat it and goes on a hunger strike, it does more harm than low-quality, fatty cat foods. Does this make low-qulity foods okay to feed to all hedgehogs? The answer is no. I feel the same way about a FSW.

We should always try our best to provide what's safe and what's good to our quilled friends, but we should also remember we're dealing with living creatures who have a mind of their own as well as their own liking and disliking. In many ways, they have the final saying when it comes to their diet, wheeling, bathroom habits, and such.

If your hedgie insists on using his FSW and refuses to use anything else, I'd say let him. I would, however, leave the bucket wheel in the cage as well in the hope he will change his mind about it - I would let him have the option at least for a few months before giving up on the BW entirely. ;)
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