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My little guy is 1.5 years old and was rescued when his previous owner could no longer take care of him. When I adopted him, he was on a very cheap 5$ brand of Wal-Mart cat food. He was so picky and would not even sniff at anything else. I went out and bought a variety of different high quality cat foods and left a few kibbles out of each one to see which one he liked. Out of all of the kinds offered he will only eat one - a chicken based cat food by Go! Nutrition.

I have slowly weened him onto this food over the span of a month and a half and he seems to be doing very well. (link below)


My concern is I havent seen this cat food on any lists of recommended cat foods for hedgies. I do understand that at 20% fat content, it is a little too fatty for hedgies, but was advised a higher fat food for my little guy as he runs for sometimes 10 hours a night, and sometimes during the day as well.

Was wondering if some experts can take a look at this foods ingredients and let me know if there's anything wrong with feeding it to my hedgehog. He is extremely fussy and I can't even get him to eat mealworms, chicken, egg, or wet cat food, so I really want to find the best staple food possible for the main portion of his diet until he warms up to treats as well.

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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