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gnawing on her water bottle

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We got Bertie almost 3 weeks ago, and she started out not eating or drinking much at all, and sleeping pretty much all the time. But now, although she's not eating A LOT, she is eating a good bit more than she was, and she's more active. She seems as interested in gnawing on the stem of her water bottle as drinking from it though. She chews and tugs on it until it falls out of the mounting spring and onto the floor of the cage, where, obviously, it can't dispense any water at all, and she goes thirsty until we pin it back up. Right now, she's never alone for more than a couple hours, but when I go back to work, it'll be a different situation.

I'm a little nervous that the bottle isn't dispensing water fast enough for her liking, but I've read that open water containers are a bad idea because hedgies like to spill. Anyone else have issues like this with their hedgie?
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Mine also likes shiny things. He'll see it, then run and attack it :lol: It's the ONLY thing other than mealies that he'll MOVE for XD So I drag it just out of teeth's way and he'll chase it, then I give him the leather end to chomp down on, so he feels satisfied he's caught something. :lol:
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