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gnawing on her water bottle

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We got Bertie almost 3 weeks ago, and she started out not eating or drinking much at all, and sleeping pretty much all the time. But now, although she's not eating A LOT, she is eating a good bit more than she was, and she's more active. She seems as interested in gnawing on the stem of her water bottle as drinking from it though. She chews and tugs on it until it falls out of the mounting spring and onto the floor of the cage, where, obviously, it can't dispense any water at all, and she goes thirsty until we pin it back up. Right now, she's never alone for more than a couple hours, but when I go back to work, it'll be a different situation.

I'm a little nervous that the bottle isn't dispensing water fast enough for her liking, but I've read that open water containers are a bad idea because hedgies like to spill. Anyone else have issues like this with their hedgie?
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I highly recommend trying a bowl with her. I had a hedgehog many many years ago that would bite and pull on the nozzle of her water bottle. She ended up breaking a tooth on it. I will also note that I noticed her water intake increase once switched to a bowl.

For each hedgehog I have had the pleasure of caring for since, I have switched them to bowls if they were using bottles. Each stopped using the water bottle within a day or two of the bowl being introduced.
Put the bowl next to or under the water bottle. and then give it a couple of days. They may at first continue using the bottle because that is what they know, but mine have always switched once they discovered the bowl. After you see her drink from the bowl, take the bottle out.

I have had 3 hedgehogs over the years that had a fascination for biting at metal objects. One of my current hedgehogs has that fascination. Which was a huge problem when we were trying out a wheel that used metal screws & nuts to attach the bucket to the skate.
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