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I'm terrified it's a UTI this time around.
Of all the 'bad' things that can happen, this one is easier than most for vets to identify, and typically very trreatable. Time for a vet, IMO. Observation is crucial, but perhaps it is time for actual data and test results from a medical professional (full blood panel, urine culture, poop test). If it is a situation requiring medical intervention, it will not get better by itself and it could get much worse in a hurry.

dark colored urine.
I would want hydration data. How many ml of water per day is being consumed?

Dark urine could indicate blood, which could indicate cystitis, which is treatable, though the specific cause / trigger of cystitis can make an effective treatment difficult to zero in on. My post in the other thread touches on this subject. (Which for Sophie required a major diet change, but eventually cured her cystitis 100%.)
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