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I just adopted a new little hedghog. She is still quite young, about 4 months old. I have tried to hold her with out a towel and when I do she pokes me really hard and I start to bleed. Everything I read said that they shouldn't be that sharp they should be rounded. Have I read wrong? Should they be that sharp? Could I be handling her wrong cause I just set her in my hand I don't squeeze or anything. She still is not used to me. I am right now trying to make her trust me. Does anyone have any good ways to make her trust me and not ball up. She really is nice she takes treats out from my hand but I just can't touch her. Please any advice would be great.

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huh well i guess i shouldn't have picked her up like that then with out her being use to me yet. ha well live and learn thx.
Thanks for all the replies. To answer a few questions.
I only got poked hard and drew blood once.
I don't use gloves i do have a dish cloth that i get her out of her cage with.
(i will get some fleece now though)
i saw the right way to pick her up on youtube so i think im good on that once she lets me touch her without balling up.
She lets me hand feed her so i think thats a start. but what are good things to do when she is out with me? or is just letting her sit on my lap ok. i have been playing with her for about 30 min a night and i plan to continue that as well.
thanks everyone.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts