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I just adopted a new little hedghog. She is still quite young, about 4 months old. I have tried to hold her with out a towel and when I do she pokes me really hard and I start to bleed. Everything I read said that they shouldn't be that sharp they should be rounded. Have I read wrong? Should they be that sharp? Could I be handling her wrong cause I just set her in my hand I don't squeeze or anything. She still is not used to me. I am right now trying to make her trust me. Does anyone have any good ways to make her trust me and not ball up. She really is nice she takes treats out from my hand but I just can't touch her. Please any advice would be great.

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Don't hand feed her. That encourages biting as they sometimes start to associate your hands with always having food. Set the treat in front of her but do not hold it in your fingers.

Baby quills are sharp. Most adult quills are not too bad. They are still pointed but don't hurt as much as baby quills. Of course there are a few exceptions to that. There is an occasional adult that I swear spends their night sharpening their quills. :lol:
iamdbf said:
How long do u guys thing till he realizes it is not spelled headgehog? Probably till he see's this message...
What does it matter? Do you spell everything correctly all the time. I know I don't. :lol:
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