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I have seen several threads about hedgies not feeling well. Gastroenteritis is fairly common in a hedgie, in fact, my hedgie suffered from it as well. I am a registered vet tech and worked with two Veterinarians to get "P" back on the road to good health. Vomiting or diarrhea is never a good sign for hedgie health, and as we all know, when something is as small as a hedgie, it doesnt take much for them to get "behind the ball".

I encourage all hedgie owners to invest in a digital kitchen scale. I purchased one from Target for $20. It is always a good idea to monitor the weight of your hedgie. Often times, you can see a decline in their weight before realizing something is wrong. My hedgie is weighed weekly and her weight logged.

OK, so back to the V/D issues.... when Little P was sick, we ran a fecal to rule out parasites and performed xrays. The fecal was negative and there was nothing significant in the xrays - I might add, the xrays were performed WITHOUT anesthesia - dont subject the sick body to anesthesia if you really dont have to. We simply positioned P in her sleeping bags and took the xrays through the bag.

Based on the negative diagnostics, we opted to give P some SubQ fluids (20 mls, warm Saline), an injection of Reglan (for GI motility and to help with the naseau), oral Amoxi and CarniCare. While medicating a hedgehog can be quiet difficult, we got the job done. She also would eat a/d (from the vets office) and Gerber Stage 2 jars of chicken baby food. Also, if your hedgie will still eat live mealworms while when they arent feeling good, you can often inject the Amoxi into the mealworm for the hedgie to eat... make the mealworm be your "drug mule."

CarniCare (made by Oxbow) is great for helping sick hedgies pull through - you can purchase it without a perscription. In fact, Amazon has great pricing. It can also be stored in the freezer to increase the shelf life.

It took several weeks for P's stool to return back to normal and for her to start eating again - she had been on a Blue Buffalo kippie diet and after she was sick, she refused to eat it. We assume its because she associates it with being sick. The only thing we could get her to eat was the IAMS Natural Cat food - while it isnt the greatest diet, it is better then her only wanting to eat Gerber baby food.

Again I stress the importance of weighing your hedgie... when P initially got sick she weighed around 315 grams, in no time at all she dropped to 280 grams. She currrently weighs 360 grams and looks great - even on the IAMS cat food.
** another tip I might add, my hedgie LOVES to sleep in her sleeping bag and when she was sick she didnt want to come out at all. I moved her food dish into her sleepping bag to entice her to eat, it worked.
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