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Hi guys, i just wanted to pop in and give you all an update on how Fuzzie is doing. Actually, we have been calling him Hedgie McKeggie, or McKeggie for short.. Dont know if it will stick, but it seems like it will.

Anyways, we slowly switched him over from yesterdays news litter to a fleece liner. Its SOO much better. The best thing in the WORLD happened though.. I bought one of those little corner litter boxes, and filled it with yesterdays news, and put it in the corner farthest away from his sleeping place and where he seemed to go most often.. and well - the SECOND i put it in there, he walked over to it, sniffed it, and POOPED IN IT!! I am SOOO happy that he did this!

He also doesnt hardly poo in his wheel. A warm wet sponge is enough to clean it completely daily. If i skip a day, it doesnt get all that bad though.

Other than that, he is fairly friendly, but he does prefer to hide in a pile of blankets when we take him out. I think that he is 100% motivated by meal worms. He was SUPER friendly and playfull the first few days we had him and the DAY i ran out of mealies, he became a little spike ball. A package of 500 mealies is going to arrive HOPEFULLY tomorrow..

Other than that, all is well. We do want to make him a bigger cage because he doesnt have too much room to run around in, but i think i will wait until we get our basement finished. Once that is finished, a bunch of the furniture that is in the office will go downstairs and we will have more room for him.

He have been using a ceramic heat lamp at night, even though he is in the warmest room in the house, its just in case. There is a thermostat attached to it, so it never gets too hot in there.

I will be adding pictures in a little bit.

Thanks to EVERYONE who made his little adverture up north possible! He is SUPER awesome and i couldnt be happier
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