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Hi all,

Well yesterday I needed to stock up on food for my hedgies and prepare their adult food mix as well as pick up another bag of the kitten food they're still eating to transition them over.

I was at the cash with 5 different bags of cat foods and a couple toys for my dog. The cashier looks at it all and says: "wow, your cats are really well fed!!!" with quite a surprised look on her face.

I laughed and explained that I was preparing a mix for my hedgies. She (and another cashier nearby that overheard) started awwing at how cute hedgies are and that they wanted some too. I had to show them some pics I had on my phone and they gushed even more.

It was such a funny moment! Especially when the girl first saw all the different kinds of food lol!

Cost a pretty penny but I should be good for a few months now with this mix!
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