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from Whiskas to Wellness

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Two weeks ago we switched Priscilla to Wellness food after being absolutely horrified to find bones left in her dish from the Whiskas Oceanfish she loves to eat. I was scared she could choke, and I've always been aware Whiskas isn't the best because of the BHA/BHT contents but I didn't know we had a Wellness food supplier in Winnipeg.

I was worried about making a big food switch, but she handled it really well and her dish is always picked clean in the morning. She seems to love the Wellness, and I love it way more than Whiskas too! The dry food we bought was Wellness indoor cat, which is 50% of her food, with the other 50% being a wet Wellness food. We bought both the pouches, which contain little rectangular 'slices' of meat and gravy, and the cans, which remind me of pate! They look way nicer than regular cat food in a tin, more even, and smells WAY better too.

I thought I'd share my experience in case anyone was wondering about Wellness food; I found the brand through the recommended food list, and I'm very glad I did! I really enjoy making her dinner now, and I am very happy to feel she is getting the proper nourishment she needs. She seems to have really perked up since Wellness was introduced, has more energy and uses her wheel more, which she had started to go off beforehand. Two thumbs up!
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Cloud doens't like dry wellness, but he could could eat the canned stuff until the cows come home! I didn't realize it came in meaty bits too? thats awesome! :)
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