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Freezing Hedgie!! HELP!!

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Hi everyone,
First time posting. I am freaking out right now!! I just came home a little while ago and was going to let my hedgie out of her cage. It's a usual routine where I will let her run around at night before I go to sleep so she can get as much of her pent up energy out as possible. Well I opened up her cage and usually she will be either up and ready to get out or she will uncurl from her ball and walk onto my hand so I can pick her up. Today she did neither. It took me a while to wake her up and then she barely even moved. I picked her up and she was freezing cold! She barely even opened her eyes and was just sluggishly moving. There was no sign of this at all last night. I immediately wrapped her in a towel and held her close to me. I transferred her to the inside of my sweatshirt. She has been in there for about 15 minutes now and feels warmer though still cold. She has begun moving around more. I just worry that she's sick but I have no idea what could be wrong! Help! Is she just possibly going into hibernation or is she sick? Help!!
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With her feeling so cold to me it sounds like she tried to hibernate. Was her cage in the 72-78 temperature range, I only ask because it might help narrow down the possiblities. If it was a hibernation attempt I know that it means they have to be watched closely because they can attempt it again in the next week or so..and also that they have to be warmed up gradually. Transferring her into your sweatshirt like that I think is a good idea to warm her up gradually.
Because it has been cold here lately my house is kept at 68 degrees to lower heating costs. So that does make sense. I'm sure that it wasn't warm enough for her. She's getting better though still cold. Should I put a heater on her cage later when I go to bed so it can keep her warmer?
68 is way too cold. Her cage needs to be kept at minimum 73F all the time. Since she has attempted hibernation there is a good chance of her trying it again in the next week. Make sure she stays warm enough. Hibernation attempts lower their immune system which increases the chances of a respiratory infection, some other illness or a mite outbreak so also watch her closely for the next month for any signs of illness.

Hibernation attempts are scarey.
I personally use a reptile 50w spotlamp to heat my little boy during day. It's on a timer and get off at 9pm, I have a cramic heat emitter that runs 24/7. His bin always have a temperature turning around 76F

owning an animal costs money. having a heat setup like this can be quite pricey but it's vital for your hedgehog health. you really should get yourself equipped as soon as possible or you might loose your little friend :(
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